Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Snake, Jay Cafasso, Raises His Head Again

After Cafasso laid low for a few weeks, he could not breath and had to come up for more self-promotion.
He cried, whined, and blamed everyone but himself for his complete and total con artists schemes exposure in Haiti the past few months. After no one would listen to his crying, he went into his shell for a few weeks.

But, during this time, his slimy reputation has preceded him all across the United States now with the Catholic Churches. There are several postings, warnings, and announcements from the Catholic Church just in the past couple of months to be on the lookout for this major Con Artist.

Here are just a couple of the notices. There are many more across the various regions and sectors in the United States.

Currently, he is snaking his way around the area he is living preying on the homeless and needy in the Lafayette, IN area. He has been found to be sneaking his way into the Diocese of Lafayette IN, Indiana. He is running under the guise of being a volunteer. The Diocese will be notified quickly of his character and actions and all of the various warnings from the church on this scoundrel. We can only hope he has not been able to worm his way into their business dealings too much or they may find themselves in the same predicament as others, especially the churches in Mississippi that he greatly defrauded.

Lastly, it has been rumored he is actively pursuing all angles he can to further snake his way into the massive earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan. We are all out notifying everyone and the various news and relief organizations of his ways and actions.

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