Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Snake, Jay Cafasso, Raises His Head Again

After Cafasso laid low for a few weeks, he could not breath and had to come up for more self-promotion.
He cried, whined, and blamed everyone but himself for his complete and total con artists schemes exposure in Haiti the past few months. After no one would listen to his crying, he went into his shell for a few weeks.

But, during this time, his slimy reputation has preceded him all across the United States now with the Catholic Churches. There are several postings, warnings, and announcements from the Catholic Church just in the past couple of months to be on the lookout for this major Con Artist.

Here are just a couple of the notices. There are many more across the various regions and sectors in the United States.

Currently, he is snaking his way around the area he is living preying on the homeless and needy in the Lafayette, IN area. He has been found to be sneaking his way into the Diocese of Lafayette IN, Indiana. He is running under the guise of being a volunteer. The Diocese will be notified quickly of his character and actions and all of the various warnings from the church on this scoundrel. We can only hope he has not been able to worm his way into their business dealings too much or they may find themselves in the same predicament as others, especially the churches in Mississippi that he greatly defrauded.

Lastly, it has been rumored he is actively pursuing all angles he can to further snake his way into the massive earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan. We are all out notifying everyone and the various news and relief organizations of his ways and actions.

Saturday, January 29, 2011



Jay Cafasso wildly and consistently proclaims his work is "For the Churches," for "My Salvation," "For the Greater Glory of the Lord," "Everything the Bible Says We Should Do, "For the Needy."

While none of us are perfect in every way, is it not normal for a person claiming such closeness with the Lord, our God, and trying to work in a Christian Manner to use some of the most vile, nasty, filthy, and vulgar language when he communicates in his emails and videos of him talking. We are not talking of an occasional slip of the tongue. We are talking about full fledged vile rants and every nasty word in the book, cursing sprees in his emails.
Remember, this is the "person" who attaches Biblical quotes, suggestions, and comments to everyone of his emails with his signature. Look back at some of the examples in previous posts to see these.

We have been fortunate enough to obtain some of his actual emails that he sent to others, that were then forwarded to us with his email IP address visible in the identifier logs.

We will attach them here, in this post, very soon.
BE WARNED When or if you read these, his language is filthy, nasty, and more vile that most people would imagine.

We feel these are just more examples of how much Jay Cafasso is a fraud and con man and major hypocrite. When confronted with something he does not like, he does not control his vile language and launches these attacks against anyone, including Christians and Christian Organizations.

No one human, that makes the proclamations he does of his close Christian association with the Lord, could actually live and talk like this.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011



Today's blog will show just some of the many faces and images of Jay Cafasso aka..20+ Aliases.
These are photos from many sources and show him in various attire and looks. You can see that his weight and face hair change often from one photo to the next. The most recent is his Mug Shot from 2009 at the Porter County, IN. Jail following one of his arrests.
We have one that appears to show him even in a full beard and dirty appearance sitting in a soup kitchen eating from several years ago. We are trying to get verification of this one from some of his of homeless days and at the soup kitchen where it is reported he often ate.
Also, we are trying to obtain additional jail house mug shots and other photos as he perpetrated his con and scams over the years.
Photos are shown in random category with the exception of the first one from his stay at the county jail.

2009 Mug Shot

circe 2006-2007

Under an Alias name

Impersonating a retired military officer as Lt. Col. Joe Mosca 

2002 Impersonating as a Military & Counter-terrorism Expert 

Poss. 2004 -2005


Saturday, January 15, 2011


Jay Cafasso and related Aliases - Websites and Links to more of his Lies, Deceits, Frauds, and Cons. 

If you are not familiar with this blog, please see our First Post entitled FRAUD ADVISOR to understand who we are and what we are making the public aware of.

Circa - Approx. 2006 - 2007

2009 Mug Shot - Porter County Jail

As we continue our look and exposure of Jay Cafasso, the worst of the worst in the books of con men, we will provide you with the numerous links to various articles, newspaper articles, blogs, websites, and videos. 
Two videos were made while he tried to convince a deceased soldier's son that he knew all about his Father and could get information declassified for the son to see more information on his Father. He claims to be Ret. Lt. Col. Joe Mosca. This is as low as you can go., first to impersonate a Soldier, but then the ultimate to lead a man on about his deceased Father. Fortunately, everyone was on to his game, but Cafasso, aka  Mosca was riding high, thinking he is being videoed being a top notch go-to-guy that could provide wonderful information.

Here are numerous links that you can look at to gather much more information and confirm some of the same information we have exposed here.
REMEMBER: With this much information, from so many sources and so many various kinds of sources, the preponderance of evidence is overwhelming showing what a Con Artist Jay Cafasso really is. 
ALSO: You will find articles, etc that will use the name(s) that Jay Cafasso was using at that time. So, all articles and links will not specifically say: "Jay Cafasso" but all the names and emails link directly back to him as being his.


Video of Jay Cafasso claiming he is a retired  Lt. Col. Mosca

Video putting blame on FOX for his fraud being exposed

Video with info on Jay Cafasso in jail

Newspaper article

Background and Lawsuit

TO BE CONTINUED: Our next Blog Post will continue on with the exposure of Jay Cafasso and his 20 + Aliases. We will show just some of the many faces of Jay Cafasso over the years.

Friday, January 14, 2011



If you are not familiar with this blog, please see our First Post entitled FRAUD ADVISOR to understand who we are and what we are making the public aware of.
Mug Shot 2009 Porter County Jail

circa 2006 - 2007

In our first post on Jay Cafasso, we begin our posting on him and showed his numerous aliases, methods, and addresses.
Now, we will move on to his unbelievable wild claims of experience and training. All of this has been taken directly from his postings and resumes under the various names he uses.
Where ( ) are used, this is where we have made comments and clarifications of his claims.

Note: The ONLY jobs or experience we have been able to verify are his one claim of working at FOX NEWS. This is because he was so widely exposed in major worldwide newspapers for his deception and fraud.  The second was Mendenhall Ministries where he was fired after fund misappropriations. 

Here is a PARTIAL list of his FAKE, FALSE,and FRAUDULENT specialties, training, and jobs he claims he has held. (Note: He was born in August 1956, but claims military service and DIA jobs in 1970, 1972 - 1980. This would make him 14 years old when he went to serve in Vietnam and 16 years old when he went to the DIA)

(Note: Military Records show he only spent 44 days in the military before being discharged as a Private unfit for duty)

  • Served with the 179th Military Brigade/MACVSOG Command and Control South SVN, 1970-1972 
  • Retired Lt. Colonel serving with the U.S. Army for 26 years.
  • Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) 1972-1980 at various overseas posts.
  • Lieutenant Colonel in Delta Force
  • Colonel in CENTCOM 
  • Retired Lieutenant Commander in the Navy Reserve serving with the Navy's Supervisor of Salvage
  • NATO Nuclear Liaison Officer 1980-1985
  • NATO assignment at CIA and Center Lane
  • Currently holds a DOD Top Secret SSBI, Yankee White, DOE Q Clearance and Cosmic Top Secret/ATOMAL (NATO) 
  • Lawyer (no Records found at any college of attendance)
  • Master Diver  (No records through any diver's associations)
  • Knight
  • Knight from The Most Noble and Ecclesiastical Order of St Mark
  • Knight of Malta
  • Vatican Passport 
  • Marine Specialist 
  • Harbor Master
  • Avid Sailor 
  • Owner of a Clipper Ship at Bannister's Wharf 
  • Surveyor
  • Architect 
  • White House Staff member (False, but is listed as one of the top 30 con artists to watch in Washington DC)
  • Legislative Director of the Associated Retired Aviation Professionals
  • Insurance Lobbyist 
  • Doctor 
  • Nuclear Physicist 
  • Biological Weapons Specialist 
  • Master of Martial Arts
  • Logistics Specialist in Humanitarian Operations 
  • Chief of Humanitarian Operations around the globe 
  • 25-year veteran of global emergencies running Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Efforts in southern Louisiana
  • Salesian Ministries Director of Relief Operations (NEVER worked here)
  • H.E.A.S. Logistics manager and Coordinator (Does not work here)
  • Mendenhall Missions Logistics, Grants and Funding Manager (Fired after fund misappropriations) 
  • Nuclear Fission and Weapons Specialist
  • Consultant to the United States Senate (False, but is listed as one of the top 30 con artists to watch in Washington DC)
  • Consultant to the United States Congress 
  • Television Editor and Producer 
  • Counter-terrorism Specialist
  • FOX NEWS Military Advisor and Consultant (Was fired after being exposed as a con and fraud) 
  • Fox "Whistle-blower"on a panel of Government Witnesses 
  • Made an appearance in Robert Greenwald's "Outfoxed" 
  • Specialist in Weapons Retrieval 
  • Marine Engineer
  • Marine Salvage Specialist 
  • Maritime Severe Weather Spotter.  
  • CIA source for several journalists and authors, like the Columbia Journalism Review, the New York Magazine, even Robert Pelton.

This is so wildly preposterous that any one person could even fathom to claim this much experience and education. By our calculations, Cafasso would have to be a minimum of in excess of 123 years old to work this much and gain all of these degrees, positions, and retirements.
Despite countless requests by many businesses and organizations, he has NEVER been able to produce a single document to prove any of these claims. When pushed repeatedly for production of documents, he unexpectedly develops a severe illness and leaves, never to be seen again.

Salesian Missions, a highly respected and recognized Christian Faith based organization has repeatedly instructed Cafasso to stop using their name and associating himself with their works. Jay Cafasso refuses to stop using their name and Father Mark Hyde was put in a position to have to post this message on their website:

Salesian Missions Online                       
                 21 Aug 2010
On Sunday, January 17, 2010, it came to the attention of Father Mark Hyde, sdb, executive director of Salesian Missions - headquartered in New Rochelle, NY, that Joseph "Jay" Cafasso has been representing himself as the Logistic Cluster Coordinator for Salesian Missions Disaster Services...

Salesian Missions has no such department or position within the organization and at no time has Joseph "Jay" Cafasso been a staff member, volunteer or spokesperson within the organization.
Salesian Missions was first contacted by Cafasso earlier this week when he represented himself with Knights Crossing Humanitarian Logistics Services offering assistance with the relief efforts in Haiti
The extent to Cafasso's involvement with this organization remains unknown and an extensive internet search found no information on Knights Crossing Humanitarian Logistics Services.

Fr. Hyde has alerted his staff at Salesian Missions and other partner organizations regarding Cafasso's misrepresentation and encourages all those who may have had contact with Cafasso while representing himself as an associate with Salesian Missions to contact the Salesian Missions office at 914-633-8344 or the New Rochelle Police Department 914-654-2300.

Cafasso also claims, as late as the first week of January 2011, work as a Logistics Manager and Logistics Cluster Manager for H.E.A.S. which is the Haiti Epidemic Advisory System working to help provide medical aid to the people of Haiti affected by Cholera. According to an HEAS official, Cafasso is not associated with the HEAS and has not been employed by them.  HEAS also contacted Cafasso and demanded that he cease using their name and any association with them.  


Let's finish up this post with the very large amount of known EMAIL addresses he uses. It is very obvious that at times he really does not bother to use logic or reason when making up his array of emails.  Such as: Federal Warrants, Off Shore Warrants, Wolf Blizter at  free Google Email account addresses. We sure hope that no one is gullible enough to fall for these.

Email Addresses:

We believe that by now it should more than apparent that Jay Cafasso is a  major Con Artist, Thief,  Deceiver, Fraud, Liar, and a person of many faces and persona. He weaves and crawls his way into many areas with false promises and fake credentials to feed his criminally warped need for attention, self-worth, and ill-gotten gains. All at the price of others. 

Our next Post will deal with the many websites that this and  a wealth of more information on Jay Cafasso and his aliases will be shown.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


If you are not familiar with this blog, please see our First Post entitled FRAUD ADVISOR to understand who we are and what we are making the public aware of.

This Blog entry is long and with a very good reason. Fraud Advisor asks that everyone take the time to read and review the information on this person. 
The massive amount of information contained and posted here is backed up with links to the dozens and dozens of stories, newspaper and magazine articles, blogs, videos, and photos of all kinds about this person. Where applicable, there are statements of his criminal arrest records and civil actions against him. 
As we continue to develop and find more and more information on Jay Cafasso, it is apparent that we can not post everything in just one blog posting. For us to post this much information at one time would be over-whelming and just too much to digest at one time.
Fraud Advisor will make several blog posts so that everything can be posted properly.
Be sure to follow all of the individual links that are posted, as they will give so much more information than we could possibly even post.

REAL NAME and Date of Birth
Joseph Anthony Cafasso, Jr.
BornAugust 2, 1956 (age 54)

Jay Cafasso is the worst of the worst that preys primarily on legitimate Christian Missions, Ministries of all denominations, Disaster Relief and Medical Relief Organizations that primarily operate or are based within the United States.
But, the major earthquake of January 12, 2010 in Haiti that killed over 230,000 has opened another major door for him to infiltrate by multiple means. Further, now with the major on-going Cholera Epidemic occurring also in Haiti, it has just turned into a major feeding ground for his tactics and deception.
We have a multitude of in-depth information on this person. This is not a single or two or three bad experiences that people have had with "Jay" Cafasso. This goes back well over 20 years and continues to this day non-stop.
The photo to the right is from Early 2009 Porter County Mug Shot

circa approx. 2006-2007

First, let's start with a list of the minimum of 21 (Twenty-One) NAMES and ALIASES and variations of his name he routinely uses.
Known name and aliases used: (Believed to be more)    
  • Jay Cafasso - (may be either one or two "f" used in the last name Cafasso)
  • J Anthony Cafasso,
  • John J Cafasso
  • Joseph Cafassaro (check made out to him by Buchanan Campaign)
  • Gerard Pal Blackwood Ph.D
  • Gerard Blackwood
  • Gerry P Blackwood
  • Gerry Pal Blackwood
  • Dr. Gerry Blackwood
  • Dr. Gerry P Blackwood
  • Lt. Col Gerry Blackwood
  • Lt. Col Gerry P Blackwood
  • Lt. Col Joseph A Cafasso
  • Lt. Col Joesph Cafasso
  • Lt. Col Joe Cafasso
  • Tony Ryals
  • Robin Storm
  • Robert Stormer
  • Rob Stormer
  • Jay Mosca
  • James Mosca
  • Gerry Blackwood Ph.D
  • LTC US Army (ret)  (may be added to any of the above names)
  • US Navy (ret) (various ranks may be added to any of the above names)
Cafasso  has deceived and conned countless amounts of people and organizations, even to the point of working with FOX NEWS before his fraudulent ways and lies were exposed.  
DO NOT BE FOOLED. HE IS A PRO at his cons, deceptions, lies, fraudulent activities.
There is no nice and pretty way to describe him other than to be perfectly blunt and honest of what he is.
Jay Cafasso is a 2 bit, low life, unemployed career CON MAN that preys on countless victims and organizations with his never-ending  monstrous array of tales and wonders. He tells of untold amounts of money and good he can bring to the Christian operations and the needy people of the world. and, all "Ad majorem Dei gloriam." translated as: "For the Greater Glory of God."  A truly wonderful saying and motto, but definitely not suited or appropriate for such an individual that lives by deceit, deception, and fraudulent acts. 
Before we continue on with the background of him deceiving so many Non-Profit Organizations, let us make it also very clear that he preys on single women in the very same manner. He has a long list of widowed and elderly women that he has enticed and wooed with his fabricated tales and background. These numerous women have lost untold amounts of money, savings, and retirement funds as he wiggles into their lives.

This is the email signature and quotes he uses the most. Note the various Biblical connotations and  quotes he uses to entice and deceive.

 Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

Joseph "Jay" Cafasso, KM (see below)
Salesian Missions Disaster Services  (NEVER has been associated at all with this group)
H.E.A.S. Manager  (Is not employed by, working or associated with this group) 
Logistic Cluster Coordinator  (Just one of his many self-imposed titles used)

12559 N400E (see below)
Wheatfield, Indiana 46392 USA
219-828-5789 Home Office
917-623-9136 Cell

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of 
moral crisis maintain their neutrality."...Dante

"Hypocrisie est un hommage que la vice rend à la vertu." - "Hypocrisy is 
the tribute that vice pays to virtue."de La Rochefoucauld 

"We are all down in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the 
stars." Oscar Wilde

"If you".... Isaiah 21:12

  •  The Post Nominal lettering of "KM" is the designation of a Knight from The Most Noble and Ecclesiastical Order of St Mark. Jay Cafasso likes to also claim this Knighthood which is totally FALSE. 
  • ALSO,  Jay Cafasso will interchangeably use the Post Nominal Letters of "KM" used after his name and which are normally used by the U.S. Military as the designation for USSOUTHCOM (US Southern Command) (This is an obvious Fraud by Cafasso. See next post for his Military Record of 44 days)
  • Note that the names and organizations change from time to time whether he even knows or works with the organizations. This is a way for him to try and gain credibility to his actions.
  • The address posted is actually a vacant lot in a rural area in a very run down area. No house at all. Just a vacant lot. Just a convenient 25 miles south of 1543 Candlewood Court, Chesterton, IN where criminal court records show he lives. This just happens to be the resident of his latest woman victim by the name of Andrea Ello, believed to be a widow after her husband, Tony died.
  • Previous addresses are a Boarding House in a very poor neighborhood in Boston and a rundown Live-In motel in New York City.   (not exactly the resident types you would expect of a man with the highly educated and prestigious background and credentials he claims.
  • Also, he is known to con his way into living at various Christian Ministries and Missions where he is given room and board while he starts his con of learning the workings of the operations so he can feed his desires of deception and fraud.
  • He also claims to be from: Knights Crossing Humanitarian Logistics Services.. There is NO such organization and is another SCAM of Jay Cafasso.
  • Also, he uses the business name of: North American LCC Ltd. Group. Once again, there is NO such organization and is another one of Jay Cafasso's SCAMS.
To Be Continued.
 Next Post - Cafasso's alleged Background, Education, and wondrous Works

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



The Fraud Advisor has been made to expose some of the biggest and worst of the Con Men and Fraudsters that primarily work and snake through the legitimate and respected Non Profit Organizations world. They wiggle in with their self-made inflated and blatantly false credentials and backgrounds.

Remember, these people operate with numerous names. Some have as many as 10 - 20 or more aliases to help hide their misdeeds. When one name gets too hot to use, they will switch to another.

The Con Men have made livings intruding upon the good people who operate organizations to help the needy in times of disasters and weakness. They will prey upon the people and organizations with great stories of their work and wonders, even using the name of the Lord as the purpose of their work.

Countless people and organizations have fallen prey to the shysters as they crawl around seeking their next victims, only to learn too late that this person is a big time con artist.


 See if any of these excuses and actions sound familiar:

  • When the Con Artist is confronted, most  claim how others are jealous and just want to stop their good works. 
  • They say they had past problems with that person and organization and now they are trying to ruin them. 
  • The will throw out all the various laws that are ALLEGEDLY being broken by exposing their con artist misdeeds. Slander, Libel, Discrimination, False Information,  various State, Federal, National, and International Law are being broken. 
  • They threaten the use of attorneys, lawsuits, retaliation of all sorts, and even resort to threats of violence and harm.
  • They send emails and make phone calls allegedly  from their "attorneys" demanding the people exposing them cease and desist. The emails are fake and when attempts to contact the attorney are made, it is learned there is no such attorney or they have never heard of the con artist.
  • They threaten to have the websites shutdown because their "good" name is being ruined.
  • "I have changed my ways. I have learned my lesson and do not live that way anymore." 

And, the two best responses by the con artist are:

  • They work for the Glory of God and God will take care of the people trying to ruin them
  • "That is not me. That is someone else using my name or someone else that has the same name. I am trying to get all that cleared up. This is really hurting my good name"


Steps must be taken to help expose these Con Artists and their works. There are countless people and organizations being ruined and taken advantage of by these cowardly con artist actors.
Sadly, the courts usually will not initially step into the actions of the con artist unless there is extensive time and expense spent by the aggrieved party. But, fortunately, they are other avenues of redress to deal with these people in both criminal and civil court actions.
We will explore these options later in the blog.


There are numerous blogs and websites that try to expose these low life actors, but we will try to consolidate and reference back to other's websites that also have information on the Con Artists. The information from other websites can be read and taken in any manner it is written.
While some information may seem wild and unreal, understand these are Con Artist and they make their living trying to perfect their ways and get by with as much as they can. They come up with some pretty wild tales and deeds. Some of the more experienced even will wiggle in and write papers or articles on various things.
The worst of the worst, (our first entry) even conned his way into FOX News as a Military Advisor and Expert before he was exposed.
Do not be fooled by their wonderful visions, self-made great worth, and PROMISES of countless grants and donation dollars that they will bring  to your organization.
When you have such an abundance of information from so many sources, it is reasonable and prudent to conclude there must be validity to what is written. Another source that should be taken as reliable sources are the media outlets who have detailed information on these people. This may come from newspapers, news blogs, television, and various news videos. These institutions routinely check information thoroughly before posting.  The newspapers love to write these articles and expose these low-lives. Look at the NYTimes, Boston Globe, Washington Post, LA TIMES, Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal, Indianapolis Star, etc. They have all written articles on the cons.


Do NOT be fooled into believing that people's criminal and civil actions and judgments are private.
They ARE Public Information to any legitimate person who wants to view these records from the respective court systems. (remember we see it everyday in the paper and on the television with the names and charges that people have been arrested, jailed, and prosecuted for.)
Even a person's Federal Criminal and Civil records are public information.
REPEAT, Criminal records and Civil actions ARE PUBLIC INFORMATION, unless sealed by a court. In that case, it would not be known anyway to post it.
Driving records, vehicle and tag registrations, credit records, etc are private information.


We ask that anyone who has relevant information concerning these or other Con Artist to contact us. We must all work together to expose these people. If you have had interactions with any of these or other Con Artists, we would like to know. If you wish to remain anonymous and not have your name or organization listed when you contact us, we will 100% honor that. But, we all need to know who and where these Con Artists are operating.


To the Honest and Trustworthy People and Organizations, we want to help you and expose those who are the deceivers and con artists that are out to take advantage of you and your organizations.


To the Con Artists, Frauds, Deceivers, and Thieves,  We will do whatever is legal to EXPOSE you for who you are. We know your ways, your stories, and your victims.

Fraud Advisor