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If you are not familiar with this blog, please see our First Post entitled FRAUD ADVISOR to understand who we are and what we are making the public aware of.

This Blog entry is long and with a very good reason. Fraud Advisor asks that everyone take the time to read and review the information on this person. 
The massive amount of information contained and posted here is backed up with links to the dozens and dozens of stories, newspaper and magazine articles, blogs, videos, and photos of all kinds about this person. Where applicable, there are statements of his criminal arrest records and civil actions against him. 
As we continue to develop and find more and more information on Jay Cafasso, it is apparent that we can not post everything in just one blog posting. For us to post this much information at one time would be over-whelming and just too much to digest at one time.
Fraud Advisor will make several blog posts so that everything can be posted properly.
Be sure to follow all of the individual links that are posted, as they will give so much more information than we could possibly even post.

REAL NAME and Date of Birth
Joseph Anthony Cafasso, Jr.
BornAugust 2, 1956 (age 54)

Jay Cafasso is the worst of the worst that preys primarily on legitimate Christian Missions, Ministries of all denominations, Disaster Relief and Medical Relief Organizations that primarily operate or are based within the United States.
But, the major earthquake of January 12, 2010 in Haiti that killed over 230,000 has opened another major door for him to infiltrate by multiple means. Further, now with the major on-going Cholera Epidemic occurring also in Haiti, it has just turned into a major feeding ground for his tactics and deception.
We have a multitude of in-depth information on this person. This is not a single or two or three bad experiences that people have had with "Jay" Cafasso. This goes back well over 20 years and continues to this day non-stop.
The photo to the right is from Early 2009 Porter County Mug Shot

circa approx. 2006-2007

First, let's start with a list of the minimum of 21 (Twenty-One) NAMES and ALIASES and variations of his name he routinely uses.
Known name and aliases used: (Believed to be more)    
  • Jay Cafasso - (may be either one or two "f" used in the last name Cafasso)
  • J Anthony Cafasso,
  • John J Cafasso
  • Joseph Cafassaro (check made out to him by Buchanan Campaign)
  • Gerard Pal Blackwood Ph.D
  • Gerard Blackwood
  • Gerry P Blackwood
  • Gerry Pal Blackwood
  • Dr. Gerry Blackwood
  • Dr. Gerry P Blackwood
  • Lt. Col Gerry Blackwood
  • Lt. Col Gerry P Blackwood
  • Lt. Col Joseph A Cafasso
  • Lt. Col Joesph Cafasso
  • Lt. Col Joe Cafasso
  • Tony Ryals
  • Robin Storm
  • Robert Stormer
  • Rob Stormer
  • Jay Mosca
  • James Mosca
  • Gerry Blackwood Ph.D
  • LTC US Army (ret)  (may be added to any of the above names)
  • US Navy (ret) (various ranks may be added to any of the above names)
Cafasso  has deceived and conned countless amounts of people and organizations, even to the point of working with FOX NEWS before his fraudulent ways and lies were exposed.  
DO NOT BE FOOLED. HE IS A PRO at his cons, deceptions, lies, fraudulent activities.
There is no nice and pretty way to describe him other than to be perfectly blunt and honest of what he is.
Jay Cafasso is a 2 bit, low life, unemployed career CON MAN that preys on countless victims and organizations with his never-ending  monstrous array of tales and wonders. He tells of untold amounts of money and good he can bring to the Christian operations and the needy people of the world. and, all "Ad majorem Dei gloriam." translated as: "For the Greater Glory of God."  A truly wonderful saying and motto, but definitely not suited or appropriate for such an individual that lives by deceit, deception, and fraudulent acts. 
Before we continue on with the background of him deceiving so many Non-Profit Organizations, let us make it also very clear that he preys on single women in the very same manner. He has a long list of widowed and elderly women that he has enticed and wooed with his fabricated tales and background. These numerous women have lost untold amounts of money, savings, and retirement funds as he wiggles into their lives.

This is the email signature and quotes he uses the most. Note the various Biblical connotations and  quotes he uses to entice and deceive.

 Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

Joseph "Jay" Cafasso, KM (see below)
Salesian Missions Disaster Services  (NEVER has been associated at all with this group)
H.E.A.S. Manager  (Is not employed by, working or associated with this group) 
Logistic Cluster Coordinator  (Just one of his many self-imposed titles used)

12559 N400E (see below)
Wheatfield, Indiana 46392 USA
219-828-5789 Home Office
917-623-9136 Cell

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of 
moral crisis maintain their neutrality."...Dante

"Hypocrisie est un hommage que la vice rend à la vertu." - "Hypocrisy is 
the tribute that vice pays to virtue."de La Rochefoucauld 

"We are all down in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the 
stars." Oscar Wilde

"If you".... Isaiah 21:12

  •  The Post Nominal lettering of "KM" is the designation of a Knight from The Most Noble and Ecclesiastical Order of St Mark. Jay Cafasso likes to also claim this Knighthood which is totally FALSE. 
  • ALSO,  Jay Cafasso will interchangeably use the Post Nominal Letters of "KM" used after his name and which are normally used by the U.S. Military as the designation for USSOUTHCOM (US Southern Command) (This is an obvious Fraud by Cafasso. See next post for his Military Record of 44 days)
  • Note that the names and organizations change from time to time whether he even knows or works with the organizations. This is a way for him to try and gain credibility to his actions.
  • The address posted is actually a vacant lot in a rural area in a very run down area. No house at all. Just a vacant lot. Just a convenient 25 miles south of 1543 Candlewood Court, Chesterton, IN where criminal court records show he lives. This just happens to be the resident of his latest woman victim by the name of Andrea Ello, believed to be a widow after her husband, Tony died.
  • Previous addresses are a Boarding House in a very poor neighborhood in Boston and a rundown Live-In motel in New York City.   (not exactly the resident types you would expect of a man with the highly educated and prestigious background and credentials he claims.
  • Also, he is known to con his way into living at various Christian Ministries and Missions where he is given room and board while he starts his con of learning the workings of the operations so he can feed his desires of deception and fraud.
  • He also claims to be from: Knights Crossing Humanitarian Logistics Services.. There is NO such organization and is another SCAM of Jay Cafasso.
  • Also, he uses the business name of: North American LCC Ltd. Group. Once again, there is NO such organization and is another one of Jay Cafasso's SCAMS.
To Be Continued.
 Next Post - Cafasso's alleged Background, Education, and wondrous Works

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  1. You were never military, but a lowly buck private who got kicked out after a few weeks.
    You are embarrassing the honor, integrity, and honesty of the U.S. Military.
    You are nothing. You will never be anybody.
    Try it again. We will put you back in court and before the judges again. You know what they did to you last time. Back to the penitentiary.