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The Fraud Advisor has been made to expose some of the biggest and worst of the Con Men and Fraudsters that primarily work and snake through the legitimate and respected Non Profit Organizations world. They wiggle in with their self-made inflated and blatantly false credentials and backgrounds.

Remember, these people operate with numerous names. Some have as many as 10 - 20 or more aliases to help hide their misdeeds. When one name gets too hot to use, they will switch to another.

The Con Men have made livings intruding upon the good people who operate organizations to help the needy in times of disasters and weakness. They will prey upon the people and organizations with great stories of their work and wonders, even using the name of the Lord as the purpose of their work.

Countless people and organizations have fallen prey to the shysters as they crawl around seeking their next victims, only to learn too late that this person is a big time con artist.


 See if any of these excuses and actions sound familiar:

  • When the Con Artist is confronted, most  claim how others are jealous and just want to stop their good works. 
  • They say they had past problems with that person and organization and now they are trying to ruin them. 
  • The will throw out all the various laws that are ALLEGEDLY being broken by exposing their con artist misdeeds. Slander, Libel, Discrimination, False Information,  various State, Federal, National, and International Law are being broken. 
  • They threaten the use of attorneys, lawsuits, retaliation of all sorts, and even resort to threats of violence and harm.
  • They send emails and make phone calls allegedly  from their "attorneys" demanding the people exposing them cease and desist. The emails are fake and when attempts to contact the attorney are made, it is learned there is no such attorney or they have never heard of the con artist.
  • They threaten to have the websites shutdown because their "good" name is being ruined.
  • "I have changed my ways. I have learned my lesson and do not live that way anymore." 

And, the two best responses by the con artist are:

  • They work for the Glory of God and God will take care of the people trying to ruin them
  • "That is not me. That is someone else using my name or someone else that has the same name. I am trying to get all that cleared up. This is really hurting my good name"


Steps must be taken to help expose these Con Artists and their works. There are countless people and organizations being ruined and taken advantage of by these cowardly con artist actors.
Sadly, the courts usually will not initially step into the actions of the con artist unless there is extensive time and expense spent by the aggrieved party. But, fortunately, they are other avenues of redress to deal with these people in both criminal and civil court actions.
We will explore these options later in the blog.


There are numerous blogs and websites that try to expose these low life actors, but we will try to consolidate and reference back to other's websites that also have information on the Con Artists. The information from other websites can be read and taken in any manner it is written.
While some information may seem wild and unreal, understand these are Con Artist and they make their living trying to perfect their ways and get by with as much as they can. They come up with some pretty wild tales and deeds. Some of the more experienced even will wiggle in and write papers or articles on various things.
The worst of the worst, (our first entry) even conned his way into FOX News as a Military Advisor and Expert before he was exposed.
Do not be fooled by their wonderful visions, self-made great worth, and PROMISES of countless grants and donation dollars that they will bring  to your organization.
When you have such an abundance of information from so many sources, it is reasonable and prudent to conclude there must be validity to what is written. Another source that should be taken as reliable sources are the media outlets who have detailed information on these people. This may come from newspapers, news blogs, television, and various news videos. These institutions routinely check information thoroughly before posting.  The newspapers love to write these articles and expose these low-lives. Look at the NYTimes, Boston Globe, Washington Post, LA TIMES, Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal, Indianapolis Star, etc. They have all written articles on the cons.


Do NOT be fooled into believing that people's criminal and civil actions and judgments are private.
They ARE Public Information to any legitimate person who wants to view these records from the respective court systems. (remember we see it everyday in the paper and on the television with the names and charges that people have been arrested, jailed, and prosecuted for.)
Even a person's Federal Criminal and Civil records are public information.
REPEAT, Criminal records and Civil actions ARE PUBLIC INFORMATION, unless sealed by a court. In that case, it would not be known anyway to post it.
Driving records, vehicle and tag registrations, credit records, etc are private information.


We ask that anyone who has relevant information concerning these or other Con Artist to contact us. We must all work together to expose these people. If you have had interactions with any of these or other Con Artists, we would like to know. If you wish to remain anonymous and not have your name or organization listed when you contact us, we will 100% honor that. But, we all need to know who and where these Con Artists are operating.


To the Honest and Trustworthy People and Organizations, we want to help you and expose those who are the deceivers and con artists that are out to take advantage of you and your organizations.


To the Con Artists, Frauds, Deceivers, and Thieves,  We will do whatever is legal to EXPOSE you for who you are. We know your ways, your stories, and your victims.

Fraud Advisor

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