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If you are not familiar with this blog, please see our First Post entitled FRAUD ADVISOR to understand who we are and what we are making the public aware of.
Mug Shot 2009 Porter County Jail

circa 2006 - 2007

In our first post on Jay Cafasso, we begin our posting on him and showed his numerous aliases, methods, and addresses.
Now, we will move on to his unbelievable wild claims of experience and training. All of this has been taken directly from his postings and resumes under the various names he uses.
Where ( ) are used, this is where we have made comments and clarifications of his claims.

Note: The ONLY jobs or experience we have been able to verify are his one claim of working at FOX NEWS. This is because he was so widely exposed in major worldwide newspapers for his deception and fraud.  The second was Mendenhall Ministries where he was fired after fund misappropriations. 

Here is a PARTIAL list of his FAKE, FALSE,and FRAUDULENT specialties, training, and jobs he claims he has held. (Note: He was born in August 1956, but claims military service and DIA jobs in 1970, 1972 - 1980. This would make him 14 years old when he went to serve in Vietnam and 16 years old when he went to the DIA)

(Note: Military Records show he only spent 44 days in the military before being discharged as a Private unfit for duty)

  • Served with the 179th Military Brigade/MACVSOG Command and Control South SVN, 1970-1972 
  • Retired Lt. Colonel serving with the U.S. Army for 26 years.
  • Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) 1972-1980 at various overseas posts.
  • Lieutenant Colonel in Delta Force
  • Colonel in CENTCOM 
  • Retired Lieutenant Commander in the Navy Reserve serving with the Navy's Supervisor of Salvage
  • NATO Nuclear Liaison Officer 1980-1985
  • NATO assignment at CIA and Center Lane
  • Currently holds a DOD Top Secret SSBI, Yankee White, DOE Q Clearance and Cosmic Top Secret/ATOMAL (NATO) 
  • Lawyer (no Records found at any college of attendance)
  • Master Diver  (No records through any diver's associations)
  • Knight
  • Knight from The Most Noble and Ecclesiastical Order of St Mark
  • Knight of Malta
  • Vatican Passport 
  • Marine Specialist 
  • Harbor Master
  • Avid Sailor 
  • Owner of a Clipper Ship at Bannister's Wharf 
  • Surveyor
  • Architect 
  • White House Staff member (False, but is listed as one of the top 30 con artists to watch in Washington DC)
  • Legislative Director of the Associated Retired Aviation Professionals
  • Insurance Lobbyist 
  • Doctor 
  • Nuclear Physicist 
  • Biological Weapons Specialist 
  • Master of Martial Arts
  • Logistics Specialist in Humanitarian Operations 
  • Chief of Humanitarian Operations around the globe 
  • 25-year veteran of global emergencies running Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Efforts in southern Louisiana
  • Salesian Ministries Director of Relief Operations (NEVER worked here)
  • H.E.A.S. Logistics manager and Coordinator (Does not work here)
  • Mendenhall Missions Logistics, Grants and Funding Manager (Fired after fund misappropriations) 
  • Nuclear Fission and Weapons Specialist
  • Consultant to the United States Senate (False, but is listed as one of the top 30 con artists to watch in Washington DC)
  • Consultant to the United States Congress 
  • Television Editor and Producer 
  • Counter-terrorism Specialist
  • FOX NEWS Military Advisor and Consultant (Was fired after being exposed as a con and fraud) 
  • Fox "Whistle-blower"on a panel of Government Witnesses 
  • Made an appearance in Robert Greenwald's "Outfoxed" 
  • Specialist in Weapons Retrieval 
  • Marine Engineer
  • Marine Salvage Specialist 
  • Maritime Severe Weather Spotter.  
  • CIA source for several journalists and authors, like the Columbia Journalism Review, the New York Magazine, even Robert Pelton.

This is so wildly preposterous that any one person could even fathom to claim this much experience and education. By our calculations, Cafasso would have to be a minimum of in excess of 123 years old to work this much and gain all of these degrees, positions, and retirements.
Despite countless requests by many businesses and organizations, he has NEVER been able to produce a single document to prove any of these claims. When pushed repeatedly for production of documents, he unexpectedly develops a severe illness and leaves, never to be seen again.

Salesian Missions, a highly respected and recognized Christian Faith based organization has repeatedly instructed Cafasso to stop using their name and associating himself with their works. Jay Cafasso refuses to stop using their name and Father Mark Hyde was put in a position to have to post this message on their website:

Salesian Missions Online                       
                 21 Aug 2010
On Sunday, January 17, 2010, it came to the attention of Father Mark Hyde, sdb, executive director of Salesian Missions - headquartered in New Rochelle, NY, that Joseph "Jay" Cafasso has been representing himself as the Logistic Cluster Coordinator for Salesian Missions Disaster Services...

Salesian Missions has no such department or position within the organization and at no time has Joseph "Jay" Cafasso been a staff member, volunteer or spokesperson within the organization.
Salesian Missions was first contacted by Cafasso earlier this week when he represented himself with Knights Crossing Humanitarian Logistics Services offering assistance with the relief efforts in Haiti
The extent to Cafasso's involvement with this organization remains unknown and an extensive internet search found no information on Knights Crossing Humanitarian Logistics Services.

Fr. Hyde has alerted his staff at Salesian Missions and other partner organizations regarding Cafasso's misrepresentation and encourages all those who may have had contact with Cafasso while representing himself as an associate with Salesian Missions to contact the Salesian Missions office at 914-633-8344 or the New Rochelle Police Department 914-654-2300.

Cafasso also claims, as late as the first week of January 2011, work as a Logistics Manager and Logistics Cluster Manager for H.E.A.S. which is the Haiti Epidemic Advisory System working to help provide medical aid to the people of Haiti affected by Cholera. According to an HEAS official, Cafasso is not associated with the HEAS and has not been employed by them.  HEAS also contacted Cafasso and demanded that he cease using their name and any association with them.  


Let's finish up this post with the very large amount of known EMAIL addresses he uses. It is very obvious that at times he really does not bother to use logic or reason when making up his array of emails.  Such as: Federal Warrants, Off Shore Warrants, Wolf Blizter at  free Google Email account addresses. We sure hope that no one is gullible enough to fall for these.

Email Addresses:

We believe that by now it should more than apparent that Jay Cafasso is a  major Con Artist, Thief,  Deceiver, Fraud, Liar, and a person of many faces and persona. He weaves and crawls his way into many areas with false promises and fake credentials to feed his criminally warped need for attention, self-worth, and ill-gotten gains. All at the price of others. 

Our next Post will deal with the many websites that this and  a wealth of more information on Jay Cafasso and his aliases will be shown.

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