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Jay Cafasso and related Aliases - Websites and Links to more of his Lies, Deceits, Frauds, and Cons. 

If you are not familiar with this blog, please see our First Post entitled FRAUD ADVISOR to understand who we are and what we are making the public aware of.

Circa - Approx. 2006 - 2007

2009 Mug Shot - Porter County Jail

As we continue our look and exposure of Jay Cafasso, the worst of the worst in the books of con men, we will provide you with the numerous links to various articles, newspaper articles, blogs, websites, and videos. 
Two videos were made while he tried to convince a deceased soldier's son that he knew all about his Father and could get information declassified for the son to see more information on his Father. He claims to be Ret. Lt. Col. Joe Mosca. This is as low as you can go., first to impersonate a Soldier, but then the ultimate to lead a man on about his deceased Father. Fortunately, everyone was on to his game, but Cafasso, aka  Mosca was riding high, thinking he is being videoed being a top notch go-to-guy that could provide wonderful information.

Here are numerous links that you can look at to gather much more information and confirm some of the same information we have exposed here.
REMEMBER: With this much information, from so many sources and so many various kinds of sources, the preponderance of evidence is overwhelming showing what a Con Artist Jay Cafasso really is. 
ALSO: You will find articles, etc that will use the name(s) that Jay Cafasso was using at that time. So, all articles and links will not specifically say: "Jay Cafasso" but all the names and emails link directly back to him as being his.


Video of Jay Cafasso claiming he is a retired  Lt. Col. Mosca

Video putting blame on FOX for his fraud being exposed

Video with info on Jay Cafasso in jail

Newspaper article

Background and Lawsuit

TO BE CONTINUED: Our next Blog Post will continue on with the exposure of Jay Cafasso and his 20 + Aliases. We will show just some of the many faces of Jay Cafasso over the years.

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  1. This degenerate and con tried to use our organization's name to try to get governments grants. He was using his own numbers and addresses, but our name. The government agency he tried to steal from told us of what he did. They turned him into federal authorities for possible criminal activities.
    Every organization has to know of him and what he does. Do not be fooled by this wolf in sheep's clothing.